What does the School Counselor do?

  • Welcome to my web page! I am the school counselor at Southside Elementary School. 

    As a school counselor my role is to work with the teachers, parents, and students to help resolve issues that may be keeping a student from learning as they should.  Although, it is not the role of a school counselor to do actual therapy with your child, I am available to work out issues as they arise and will provide resources I am aware of for you to pursue if I feel that you may need more help than I can give with a particular problem.  I have many "helping friends", as I like to call them, in the community that I may be able to refer you to if necessary.

    Students will often refer themselves for help with a problem they might have.  It may be that they are scared that mother and daddy might get a divorce, their beloved pet has died, or a family member is very sick or dying.  I have many resources to use to help them through the difficult time.  Most of the time children come to me because they have a friendship problem and I work with the friends to help them resolve the issues and be able to move forward. 

    My services also include some classroom guidance lessons that revolve around various issues such as bullying or hygiene, as well as individual counseling as needed.  I do try to keep the children in their classrooms as much as possible and rely on the teachers at making some judgement if the situation warrants me seeing the student for individual support.  I also invite you to keep me aware of anything I may need to know about to be of support to your children.  I can be reached by phone at (270) 825-6143 or email at mauretta.holmes@hopkins.kyschools.us.  I am here to be a support to your children so don't hesitate to contact me if you think I can be of assistance to your child.

    Another role that I have, is to oversee testing procedures as the Building Assessment Coordinator (BAC) .  This involves all the management issues of scheduling and complying with requirements given by the state of Kentucky.  We also give a Reading and Math assessment (MAPS) each tri-mester which all of our students in grades 1 through 5 are involved.  Alot goes on behind the scenes to make our testing an organized process and thankfully, I love to organize!

                                                                                              Mauretta Holmes, M. Ed.