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Employees of the Year

We honored our 2018-2019 Employees of the Year during the annual #TeamHopkins Day event on Aug. 1 at Madisonville North Hopkins High School.

Award recipients include the following: Corina Gamblin, West Broadway Elementary, Elementary School Teacher of the Year; Tana Roberts, South Hopkins Middle, Middle School Teacher of the Year; Sarah Emerson, Madisonville North Hopkins, High School Teacher of the Year; Jon Wells, Hopkins County Central, Administrator of the Year; Whitney Oakley, James Madison Middle, Food Service Employee of the Year; Lois Stanley, Southside Elementary, Facilities Management Employee of the Year; Sylvia McNary, MNHHS, Classified Support Service Employee of the Year; Kenya Thomas, Career and Technology Center, Secretary of the Year; Louis Clayton (not pictured), Transportation Employee of the Year; Eydie Tate, Central Office Employee of the Year. Congratulations to everyone!