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CTC Receives $10,000 Grant

Pre-engineering students at Hopkins County Career & Technology Center will soon learn a new skill that’s in demand in the job market thanks to a $10,000 grant.

The project, “Students Engaged in Engineering through CNC Machining,” was made possible by local farmers and America’s Farmers Grow Rural Education, sponsored by the Bayer Fund. The grant was formally presented Thursday morning at the CTC.

CNC machining involves a computer numerical controlled machine, said pre-engineering teacher Jamie Scott. “There are a lot of jobs out there students aren’t being allowed to take part in because they just don’t have the skills for CNC machining,” he said. “Now, we have the funding to be able to buy these computer numerical controlled machines so students can gain these skills and go out there and get those jobs.”

“We actually have those on order now, so we’ll be able to get going pretty soon,” Scott said.

CTC Principal Pam Todd said they were notified of the selection around the time school started.

“Without the farmers thinking of us and nominating us, you would not be able to do some of the cool things you will get to do as a result of this grant,” Todd said to a group of students assembled for the presentation. School representatives thanked local farmers as well as the Bayer Fund.

The project was nominated by six farmers, including Josh Lancaster, Kyle Lancaster, George Martin, Jarrett Brown, Cary Baldwin, and Mark Metcalfe.

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