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Young Author/Illustrator Showcase

Hopkins County Schools’ Young Author/Illustrator Showcase was held March 28 at Hopkins County Career & Technology Center. The event featured local author/illustrator Mona Larkins, who made presentations in our schools throughout the week. Awards were presented that evening, and entries were displayed throughout the program.

District Winners


1st place – Elle Hoffman (JSES)

2nd place – Elaina Rose (GES)

3rd place – Cade Williams (EES)

1st Grade

1st place – Eric Clark (HES)

2nd place – Kylie Watkins (PES)

3rd place – Rex Taylor (WBES)

2nd Grade

1st place –Clara Buchanan (PES)

2nd place – Maleah Pearson (GES)

3rd place – Makayla Knowles (EES)

3rd Grade

1st place – Marley Miller (SES)

2nd place – Aleigha Hughes (HES)

3rd place – Cameron Drake, Author (EES); Carrie Howard, Illustrator (EES)

4th Grade

1st place – Ellyott Westerfield (PES)

2nd place – Gauge Clark (HES)

3rd place – Kaelyn Howell (SES)

5th Grade

1st place – Hailey May (HES)

2nd place – Savannah Haas (JSES)

3rd place – Rose Marie Bernal (WHS)

6th Grade

1st place – Sarah McCoy (BSMS)

2nd place – Jessica Lawless (SHMS)

3rd place – Myla Hughes & Kimberly Trappe (JMMS)

7th Grade

1st place – Chase Brummer (BSMS)

8th Grade

1st place – Ethan Fowler (BSMS)

2nd place – Trenton Campbell, Author (Christ the King); Andrew Burden, Illustrator (Christ the King)

Mona Larkins with three students Mona Larkins with two students Four students with Mona Larkins Mona Larkins with one student winner Three students with Mona Larkins Three students with Mona Larkins Mona Larkins and one student Mona Larkins and three students Four students and Mona Larkins