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Lancaster Selected Director of Secondary Instruction

Alaina Lancaster has been selected as Alaina Lancaster Hopkins County Schools’ director of secondary instruction.

For the past year, she served as principal of the Webster County Area Technology Center. She has a 10-year career in education and previously taught agriculture at Madisonville North Hopkins High School.

“I am excited to have been given the opportunity to join Hopkins County Schools again and to give back to a school district and community that has given so much to me over the last decade as an educator,” Lancaster said. “I did my student teaching at Hopkins County Central and continued my career at Madisonville North Hopkins. Working this past year as principal at Webster County Area Technology Center, I have gained experience that will help me to guide others in providing a positive learning environment to unlock student potential.  I am passionate about transitioning students to their next step in life. As educators, I believe we have the most important job preparing our future society and workforce.

“I am honored to be able to work alongside a great team of educators who share my passion and drive for student success,” she said. “Thank you to those who have guided and mentored me, teaching me the necessary skills to prepare for this position. I also want to thank Dr. Ashby and the hiring committee for this wonderful opportunity.” 

Lancaster earned a bachelor’s degree in agriculture business/education and master’s degrees in agricultural science and education, all from Murray State University. She holds a certification in instructional leadership.

“It’s great to welcome Alaina Boyd Lancaster back to Hopkins County Schools,” said Superintendent Dr. Deanna Ashby. “Through her work as a principal, FFA advisor, and agriculture education teacher, she has developed a tremendous number of community and family relations in our region and across the state. She was an outstanding classroom teacher and has a deep understanding of what ‘great teaching looks like’ regardless of the content area. 

 “Mrs. Lancaster’s high energy and enthusiasm for students will help her in this position as she works with the secondary schools,” Ashby said. It’s great to have her back in Hopkins County!”