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Pride Receives Fresh Fruit, Veggie Grant

Pride Elementary School has received a $23,460 grant to offer the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program.

The federally assisted program provides free fresh fruits and vegetables to children at eligible elementary schools during the school day. The goal of the FFVP is to introduce children to fresh fruits and vegetables, to include new and different varieties, and to increase overall acceptance and consumption of fresh, unprocessed produce among children. The FFVP also encourages healthier school environments by promoting nutrition education.

The fresh fruits and vegetables will be offered to Pride students as they return to the building after recess, said Hopkins County Schools’ Child Nutrition Director Lisa Marsh.

“It’s usually fruits and vegetables that students may not be exposed to at home,” she said. This may include mango, grapefruit, starfruit, kiwi, asparagus, and more. “I think the kids will try something different. If we can encourage them to do that, that’s awesome.”

Pride will also have a fun fact sheet to go along with the fruit or vegetable fo the day. Marsh hopes it becomes a school-wide activity with lessons incorporated into the day. The program will start after Labor Day. To learn more, visit the FFVP webpage: