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Update to Public Comment Guidelines

We want to keep the community informed about an update to the public comment portion of Board of Education meetings.

Effective Monday, Dec. 13, public comments will be allowed at Board of Education regular meetings only if the topic is regarding an agenda item. Individuals wishing to speak must fill out an online form by noon on the day of the meeting to request to speak at the meeting that evening. Paper forms will be available at the Central Office, but must be returned by noon on the meeting date. The three-minute time limit remains in place.

Individuals with comments/questions on other topics may also submit them using this form. These submissions will be reviewed and the appropriate person will be in touch later if a response is required.

The link to the form will be posted at The form will typically be available three days prior to a meeting. For example, for a Monday meeting, the form will go live on Friday afternoon.

The purpose of board meetings is to conduct school district business. This update will keep the focus on agenda items while also allowing the public to provide their input.