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Updated Covid-19 Protocols

Updated Covid Protocols

Jan. 12, 2022

We want to share updated information with parents on new school protocols for quarantine and isolation based on the most recent guidance from the Hopkins County Health Department and the Kentucky Department of Public Health.

 Students who test positive for Covid:

 Isolate for 5 days and return to school for 5 days with mask if symptoms have resolved

  • If a student remains symptomatic after Day 5, the student can remain at home and return after Day 10 (an excused absence will be provided).

 Students who are contacts of Covid:


  • If the student was exposed in extracurriculars or sports without masks they must quarantine
  • If a student is exposed at school when mask optional or masking while moving is in effect they must quarantine
  • If a student is exposed in the home or community they must quarantine

 How Long is a Quarantine?

  • Quarantine is 10 days, or
  • Quarantine is 5 days with a negative test on Day 5 and no symptoms. Test results must be submitted to school staff and verified prior to returning. School staff will contact parents with a return date. Masks must be worn 5 days after the negative test.
  • The Test to Stay program remains an option for students without a positive case in the household. Students who participate will test on five school days or until quarantine dates have been fulfilled.

    No Quarantine:

  • If a student is fully vaccinated
  • If a student was exposed at school while masking is mandatory


Updated Covid Protocols