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Gamblin Selected Community Grant Director

Wendy Gamblin has been selected as Director of the Community Schools Grant for Hopkins County Schools. She is currently principalWendy Gamblin at Browning Springs Middle School.

“I am thrilled to extend my servant leadership to the staff, students, and families across Hopkins County Schools,” Gamblin said. “I look forward to strengthening the bridge between our schools and community by working with all stakeholders to support and provide unlimited opportunities for student success.

“I will miss being with my Bear family each day,” she said, “but I am grateful to the leaders of Hopkins County Schools and the Prichard Committee for the opportunity to serve them and our schools across the county in a different way.”

The Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence has selected Hopkins County Schools to join the Prichard Committee’s transformative Kentucky Community Schools Initiative. The district has been awarded $1.5 million over five years to implement the project, which includes this grant-funded position. 

Gamblin will work closely with the Family Resource Youth Services Centers and the community to provide resources and support services for students and families. Another goal will be to expand partnerships within our community. 

Prior to becoming BSMS principal in July 2021, Gamblin served as assistant principal at the school for two years and as an elementary school teacher. She earned her bachelor’s degree in elementary education, master’s degree in teacher leadership, and Rank 1 degree in education administration  from Murray State University.  She was a finalist for the 2018 Valvoline Kentucky Teacher of the Year Award and received the 2022 Leadership Award presented by the African American Coalition of Hopkins County.

“Mrs. Gamblin’s community involvement and her experience working with students from diverse backgrounds make her a great fit for this position,” said Assistant Superintendent Dr. Damon Fleming. “We believe she will do an excellent job.”