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Task Force Promotes Job Opportunities

Overview photo of the group attending the dinner.

A group of Hopkins County Career and Technology Center students attended the Promoting Technical Training in Hopkins County Task Force Dinner on Tuesday, Nov. 19.

The students, who were invited along with their parents, brought transcripts and resumes and met with potential employers at the CTC about jobs or co-op opportunities.

This effort began as a collaboration between local businessman Skip McGaw and Board of Education Chairman J.W. Durst in an effort to provide opportunities to keep local kids in the community after high school graduation.

Thanks to the participating businesses: Hibbs Electromechanical, High Tech Chrome Plating, Joe Leasure and Sons Inc., Hanner Machine Inc., and Groves Electric Services.

Student talks to potential employer. Students talk to potential employers. Skip McGaw J.W. Durst Christian Klaas, Steve Faulk, Deanna Ashby, Marty Cline