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12 Days of Christmas



 Celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas by dressing up each day.

Day 12: November 30 Wear Red and Green, Colors of Christmas

Day 11: December 1  Christmas Socks “Mistle-toes”

Day 10: December 4  Gingerbread Man Day

Day 9:    December 5  Dear Santa (Write letters to Santa)

Day 8:    December 6  Elf Day (Be a helper, students may wear their elf gear)

Day 7: December 7  Frosty Day (Wear winter wear)

Day 6: December 8  Grinch Day

Day 5: December 11 Candy Cane Day.  (Wear Red and White)

Day 4:  December 12 Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

Day 3:  December 13 Rudolph (Wear your red nose)

Day 2:  December 14 Polar Express (Wear your pajamas)

Day 1:  December 15 Jingle All the Way Home (Mrs. Smith will give each student a jingle bell necklace prior to going home.)