Patricia Martin honored for helping children on bus

The #LionChaser / #GiantSlayer Award was presented to Patricia Martin at the Jan. 14 Board of Board Chairman J.W. Durst, Patricia Martin, and Assistant Superintendent Charles Gant Education meeting. After a bus was rear-ended on Nebo Road in December, Assistant Superintendent Charles Gant arrived on the scene and saw Martin, who he thought was the bus monitor. She followed his instructions to get on the bus to keep kids quiet, then continued to monitor their behavior and kept noise at a minimum, helped transfer the kids to a new bus, and checked the old bus to make sure no belongings were left behind. She had been at the scene helping for more than 2 hours before telling Mr. Gant she was actually the parent of a child on the bus and not a district employee. Ms. Martin did everything she could to help, and treated all of the kids as if they were her own. She is definitely a #LionChaser!