Bobbie Schaffer Orten - Lion Chaser Award

Bobbie Schaffer Orten, Family Resource Youth Services Center coordinator at West Hopkins School, Bobbie Schaffer Orten receives #LionChaser Award at board meeting. received the #LionChaser / #GiantSlayer Award at the April 15 Board of Education meeting. Mrs. Bobbie puts the microscope on the basic needs of kids. In a day and age when everyone wants kids to perform well academically, kids must also feel confident in just coming to school and being the person we all know they can be. She has been instrumental in helping students maintain that confidence. One way she has accomplished this is reaching out to families with assistance in laundry services for student clothing. This alone has made a major impact on student self-confidence and improved attitudes and attendance. The WHS community is one BIG family. Mrs. Bobbie goes above and beyond to meet the basic needs of children.