Jana Hodge and Dawn Miller

The Remember Your Why Award was presented to South Hopkins Middle School finance secretary Jana Hodge and attendance secretary Dawn Miller at the Sept. 20 Board of Education meeting. Both work tirelessly day in and day out to assist students and parents by answeringDawn Miller and Jana Hodge hold Remember Your Why award certificates questions about enrollment, fees, and all things related to COVID-19, according to Principal Jan Richey. They arrive before anyone else and stay late into the evening. They make a point to help all of our students, making students, parents and teachers feel welcomed, safe, and important. They always put the needs of others first, making sure others perceive the school as a positive and welcoming environment.

Each of them explained their “why.” Hodge said, “My ‘why’ is every student who needs a smile or an encouraging word. It’s also the TEAM at SHMS. We all work together to do all we can for one another and the student body.” Miller said, “My ‘why’ is to be an encouraging positive influence in my daily interactions, especially with students.” Congratulations to both!