Jack Wagoner 5-16-2022

Jack Wagoner, a senior at Madisonville North Hopkins High School, received the Remember Your Why Award Group standing with Jack Wagoner  during the Board of Education meeting on Monday for his helpful actions at Olympic Field Day. A 4th-grade student had put his glasses in a dollar store bag during Olympic Field Day and left the bag near the basketball station. He didn’t realize the bag was missing until it was time to load the bus. Staff started asking if anyone had seen the bag or knew whether it had been thrown away Jack stepped up and said they had just taken the trash off. He ran up the hill to the dumpsters and was able to retrieve the bag that included the student’s glasses. Hanson Elementary School teacher Ashli Franklin, who nominated Jack, said she was very impressed with his willingness to “go above and beyond” to help a student find his lost glasses!