Jarvis RYW

The Remember Your Why Award was presented to Keith and Missy Jarvis at the Sept. 18 Board of Education meeting. This husband and wife duo serve as head custodians at Grapevine Elementary and Jesse Stuart Elementary, respectively. They regularly work together to10 people stand in semicircle with 2 holding children and one child in the middle facing camera meet the needs of students and staff at both of their schools. When one of their schools is short-handed or has an approaching deadline on a project, they both will collaborate to help. They truly embody Team Hopkins and the “Remember Your Why” initiative!

Keith said his “why” is, “I love working at Grapevine because I like talking and joking with the kids. Occasionally, I learn something new and they do, too. I like working with my Wildcat family. I never mind to help anyone out who needs help.”

Missy said her “why” is, “I love my Eagle family. I enjoy working and getting to know the students every day. I take pride in my work in making sure the students and staff have a clean and safe place to learn and work.”