Lauren Oldham

Lauren Oldham, an instructional assistant at Pride Elementary, received the Remember Your Why Award during the Board of Education 4 people, one holding a certificate, stand in front of desk meeting on Monday. She was monitoring the students during lunch on a recent day, when one student began choking. She sprang into action, assessed the situation, helped the student stand up, and then performed the Heimlich maneuver to dislodge food from his airway. She saved this student’s life! Even during her daily responsibilities, Mrs. Lauren is considered “an absolute treasure to have on staff.” She is always willing to help anyone with any task! Pride Elementary is blessed to have her as part of the Falcon family.

When asked her “why,” Oldham said, “My why is because not all kids get to go to a great home life, so while they are at school, I want them to feel safe and loved.”