HES Car Rider Reminders

HES Car Rider Reminders--Please adhere to these reminders as they assist us in making the car rider line move as smoothly as possible.  


  • Car riders may load and unload all along the sidewalk.  
  • Students should be prepared to unload/load as soon as the vehicle safely comes to a stop.  All materials should be loaded into their backpacks and they should have lunchboxes close by in the vehicle.  It may also be helpful to have your child practice buckling and unbuckling their seatbelts at home to assist with ease of loading/unloading.
  • Adults who drop off students should pull as far forward toward the stop sign as possible.  This allows us to unload/load six cars at a time and move the line along much more quickly.
  • If at all possible, students should unload/load on the passenger side of the vehicle.  It is very dangerous for them to get out on the driver side and walk between vehicles.
  • If you have older children who ride the bus to Hanson from JMMS/MNHHS to load in a car with their younger brother or sister, they should walk quietly through the school and have a seat on the outside steps near the southeast corner of the building.  They cannot sit/stand near the doorway as it becomes very congested and can be a safety issue as we try to make sure everyone loads safely.  We will try to make indoor accommodations for them when the weather warrants it.  JMMS/MNHHS students may either load into the car with their sibling at one of our six numbered loading spots, in which case they need to be paying attention when the adult pulls up to get them, or if they miss that opportunity, they will have to load in the lower parking lot.  In order to keep traffic flowing, we ask that you not stop at the end of the sidewalk to pick them up if they missed their loading opportunity.
  • Please keep your car rider tag displayed until you have your child in the car with you.  The number is not only used by the person entering numbers/ calling cars, but also by the adults along the sidewalk to make sure students are loading into the proper vehicle.


Thank you for your cooperation in keeping your children safe and making the unloading/loading process as efficient as possible!