Extended School Services (ESS)

ESS Schedule:  Starts September 10th

Monday & Wednesday - 2:50-3:50 (Computer Lab)

Tuesday & Thursday 7:05-7:35 (Russell's Room)

ESS Rules:

Students must have something to work on.  They may not play games or simply read a library book. Math assistance will be available.  Students will always have access to computers, internet and printing capabilities. Students may not hang out in ESS waiting for a sport or other club or organization to meet.  They must attend the entire session in order to get credit/points.  


ESS Points:

Students receive 1/2 point for every completed afternoon session of ESS and 1/4 pt for morning. No 1/2 points are awarded and points do not round up. Students choose what classes those points get added to at the end of the trimester. They do have the option to split those up among their classes.