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  • The Mission of Hopkins County Schools
    is to unite as one team
    to learn and inspire.


  • Students are invited to participate in a district-wide National Motto Art Contest. Board Chairman J.W. Durst announced the contest at the Nov. 18 school board meeting.

    This is the district’s creative effort to comply with the state law requiring the national motto, “In God We Trust,” be displayed. The deadline for entries is Dec. 9, and winners will be announced on Dec. 16. Each school winner will have their image on display at the entrance of their respective school. The grand prize winner will receive $1,000, and their work will be displayed at the Central Office and their school.

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  • Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year. Hopkins County Schools would like to encourage our families and students to join us in our efforts to focus on school attendance because of its positive impact on student success. Attending school regularly helps children feel better about school—and themselves. Your student can start building good attendance habits now so they learn right away that going to school on time, every day is important. To learn more, read the beginning-of-the-year attendance letter to parents/guardians.

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  • Hopkins County Central High School Lauren Wood presented with Lion Chaser Award. counselor Lauren Wood was presented the #LionChaser / #GiantSlayer Award at the Nov. 18 Board of Education meeting. Mrs. Wood regularly spearheads positive initiatives for staff and students. She is an incredible fundraiser for HCCHS, and is the reason Central routinely raises large sums of money for the Travis Manion Foundation/Patrick Rudd Project. She is student-centered and a tireless crusader for HCCHS students! Whatever the lion is at Central, she chases it with all of her energy and might.

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  • West Hopkins PTO was presented West Hopkins PTO Officers with the #LionChaser / #LionChaser Award at the Nov. 4 Board of Education meeting. The West Hopkins PTO officers strive daily to ensure all students of WHS are provided with basic supplies needed to be successful. This year, the PTO provided each K-8 student with ALL school supplies so families did not feel a financial strain at the start of school. This allowed families to focus more on school clothing so students felt confident while attending school. After a recent fire at a student’s home, the PTO quickly offered to help to ease the hardship on the family and child. The efforts of West Hopkins PTO to support family and students is second to none! Officers who were honored are Kirsten Terry, Brooke McCord, Lauren Oldham, Trista Peyton, and Jenny Ramage.

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  • West Broadway Elementary School students Ranger and Alexander Posey were Ranger and Alexander Posey pose with educators and board members.
    honored with the #LionChaser / #GiantSlayer Award during the Oct. 14 Board of Education meeting. They were walking home from school on Sept. 9 when they saw a car accident on Seminary Street. They stopped to check on the driver, Cindy Orten Watts. Ranger tapped on her window and asked if she was OK, then he gave her a snack bag of Oreos he received at school. He said she needed them more than he did. Ms. Watts was so impressed with their caring hearts and the concern they showed her that she brought them a certificate and gift card to school to show her appreciation.

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